Last year, Standing There Productions spent one amazing month in residence at Arthur and Yvonne Boyd's property, Bundanon, on the Shoalhaven river in New South Wales. It was a most productive, instructive and creative month and every now and then in the months since one of us will sigh in the middle of a production meeting and say, "Ah, Bundanon". Although, being Australians, we have of course shortened this for our own convenience and can now be heard at regular intervals saying "Good old Bunders" when the spirit takes us, as it so frequently does.


You can imagine, then, the joy with which we received the news that Standing There have been blessed with a second residency at Bundanon, this year, during August. It's like all our dreams have come true. Not only that but it's an enormous privilege and we're already preparing projects for what I'd like to call Part II: Bunders Returns.


Did I mention we've missed the wombats?