So now I know what a colour grade is. It's where you make sure all the separate bits of the film look like each other. Sounds simple enough, but ever since I spent a couple of hours with Marcus from DigitAll, I now look at everything as if it's a colour exam.

"Well, that's clearly not a very realistic green" is the kind of thing I now think when walking past a park. The other night when I was in a tram, I had to stop myself from telling a woman who was checking her appearance in the reflection of the window that she shouldn't worry, because it was just that the light didn't match her skin tone.

So anyway, over the next week I will be discussing colours, shades, darkness and light with Stewart, Marcus and Rita. After that, I will probably have to enrol myself in a course that teaches you how to have normal conversations with people who aren't filmmakers. A rehabilitation, of sorts. I expect this course will take place in a restaurant, a bar, on a beach, or outside somewhere in the sunshine. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it.