Here is a list of things that re-energise me, apparently, if the past few weeks are anything to go by:


1. Ace friends. There really is nothing like the love and laughter of people you adore when you've been locked inside writing for weeks (nay months) on end. 


2. The sea. If I lived near it, I'd use it as a mental refresher towelette as often as possible. I DARE you not to feel better about the universe, and more equipped to attack a metaphorical blank page when:


- your hair is wet

- your feet are sandy

- you've gone from cold to warm (shower? socks? hot cup of tea? Brilliant)

- you've squealed involuntarily


3. Dancing with old friends. Special mention goes to the bollywood dance we all memorised for Mel and Prash's wedding and, as always, to the Bus Stop, the robot, the moonwalk, and whatever you call that thing the Two Tims did with the aid of several props and a full-length window.


4. One of you winning an award. I have to say, this last one falls into the category of Very Refreshing Indeed And Also Pantwettingly Exciting Just Quietly.


In case you hadn't heard (I mean, HONESTLY, how out of touch are YOU?)... Standing There's Stewart Thorn has won a cinematography award for Sunshower (a music video by the Little Stevies) at The Australian Cinematography Society's Victorian and Tasmanian State awards held last week in Melbourne. The video was also one of three music videos nominated for an IF award in Sydney. Congratulations to Stew, and to Robin (who directed the clip) and the Little Stevies. Yay for everyone, basically.


See how easy it is to shift gears and make a writer want to write again? Kind of embarrassing isn't it!