Things Unhelpful in the Writing Process, part a bijjillion in a series


1. The passing of time.

Although conversely this could be said to work, sometimes, in one's favour. EG when a piece of writing feels like it is perhaps the greatest thing ever written by man, woman, beast or Shakespeare and only the passing of time will reveal to you that in fact it is not the Bayeux tapestry, rather it is one of those children's drawings in crayon of giant heads on sticks with arms emerging from their foreheads.


2. Other imaginings.

Be it the imagining of a new idea, another existence ("Maybe I could be a CARPENTER!" etc), a fabulous line for an as yet unwritten piece of writing or the acceptance speech at an awards night celebrating said piece of writing, or even a sweet, brief, devastating but classy revenge speech delivered to a long-lost high school bully or similar. WHATEVER. I'm making these up. Mostly. The point is: shut up, brain. Concentrate on the creativity at hand. Do NOT attempt flower arranging/pottery/cooking classes/taking up a language and/or instrument.


3. People in libraries who may as well be spending their day at a bar and/or roller rink and/or rock concert for all the work they are doing oh please please stop talking with the vapid gossip and the loudy loudy oh please my ears are bleeding ogod what did I ever do to you boo hoo I'm going to get a coffee.

And yes, sure, writing by yourself can lead to insanity.


You have been warned.