Sometimes, when it comes to writing deadlines, time disappears. Half an hour, two days, a month. This last time, I had a deadline during which one of my oldest friends gave birth to an actual human being. That really does tend to put things into perspective. 




Thing is, when you write a big bunch of stuff every day and your entire brain is consumed with this one, lonely idea you're working on, you know what? You don't write much else. You don't have much else to say. You don't, for instance, write an awful lot on your website. Or, you know, anything at all. But the two deadlines I've been working towards have now come to their crushing, painful conclusions and here I am, faced anew with fresh deadlines and a sense of hope. THIS TIME I'm going to be organised, clever, hilarious and the queen of the multitask.


I'll let you know how that goes for me.


Meanwhile, check out the next issue of the Big Issue. There's a slight possibility I am right up the back of it. Where all the cool kids hang out.