I used to be, once upon a time, quite regular and reliable with these updates. I also used to be able to:


- Do a handstand

- Play the oboe

- Say the alphabet backwards

- Eat maybe a hundredweight of baked goods without having to alter my waist band


...so quite frankly this website is the least of my concerns.


HOWEVER I do enjoy a bit of a prattle so I have been missing it, and although I am currently in gorgeous regional Victoria eating the kind of pavlova that can only be made by people who call you "love", I have a few moments to update these pages and so here goes.

Part of my law-talking job, the one I do a few days a week to finance my "habit" of working in the arts for nothing, is travel. I travel frequently for work, to regional Victoria, and when I do I work very hard and seldom have time to scratch myself. I also have no internet access and no time for phone calls.


During these times, without exception, something at Standing There needs to be sorted out immediately as a matter of considerable urgency. One time, I was in Mildura organising an event for 50 locals in a library when we found out we got our Bundanon Artist Residency and I had to make a decision about another job. Another time, I was in Warrnambool talking to a journalist about public perceptions of the legal system when the phone rang because we'd found out the Australian Children's Television Foundation were going to fund the writing of a script of ours. Last time I was in Horsham, we had to decide whether to send this document before that document and who to meet when and we had to decide it within an hour and a half. Today was similar. I am starting to think I should go away more often so that Standing There is busy all year round.

Now all I have to do is convince the law-talking-job that I really must be in regional Victoria at all time, contantly too busy to talk to anyone. Perhaps if I do that I will get a call from a Mr Obama asking for a hand with some speeches he has to nail. Of course, I'll have to put him on hold in order to speak to Aaron Sorkin re his new project, but that's okay. Obama can wait in line.