You know that film Sliding Doors? You know, Gwyneth and the guy with the eyebrows from the funeral in Four Weddings and a?


Yeah well I find the concept of that movie fascinating. For me though, sometimes, I don't have to pretend: I'm living two different versions of my life AT THE SAME TIME.


Next week, I'm going to Horsham, in Victoria, for my law-talking job. I have been on the phone to people called Joy and Graeme discussing the use of the local hall and the whereabouts of extra chairs.


The week after that, Stew and I are going to meet Rita in Sydney again for a bunch of meetings. At no point will we discuss the whereabouts of chairs, extra or otherwise.


Same life, two different universes: very boring film.


By the way, and I know this last bit has very limited appeal to the general population, but hello Felix.


More tomorrow.