I just did something totally mental. I checked my email for this time last year, when I was directing our most recent comedy festival show. I say this is mental due to the stark relief it puts my current state of existence into.


This time last year I had hundreds of emails in my inbox, many of which used some or all of the words "quite urgent actually".


One of them was an email from Rita asking if Stew and she could turn up to rehearsal on Thursday to discuss work cover, contracts, props, stage management issues and upcoming photo shoots for local media. One of them was an email regarding prize winners from Melbourne University who had won tickets to the show - one of whom I used to work with. One of them was about the fact that I had to squeeze in a radio interview and two school visits before the weekend, and one of them was from the Red Cross asking if I could donate blood next Tuesday. The Red Cross - I don't know if anyone else has noticed this - has excellent comic timing.


Anyway. So that was this time last year. Today? I called a man from the Horsham RSL and sent a fax to a gallery.


This "concentrating on development rather than production" certainly has a different pace to it, doesn't it.


(Exit stage left to get coffee in sunshine and contemplate what to do over Easter break - BREAK, YOU SAY???)