I doubt there's anyone who isn't aware of the Victorian bushfires at the moment.


In fact, there's so much being said about them now, four days after they started, that media coverage is creeping away from reportage into, well, a story on its own.



Still, most of us know people directly affected by this, and most of us want to do or say something, but most of us feel completely ill-equipped and useless and don't want to presume to speak words that others have the misfortune of being the rightful authors of.


So I'll turn the words over to the people who know what they're talking about and know how to help.


Most people have already given money to the appeal but if you haven't and you would like to, go here.

If you don't have money, you can donate blood.

If you don't have money or blood, you can donate old phone chargers.

You can help transport injured wildlife.

You can now donate stuff, rather than money here.

Like a bit of a jig?

Near Myrtleford?

Got a spare room?

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