I haven't written here for a while. A few things have been going on, some great, some terrible, some merely mundane. Life, in other words.


The exciting news, from a Standing There perspective, is that Stew and I are going to fly up meet Rita in Sydney in January, which we've benn planning for a while but now we've found flights that work. Huzzah! I am currently trying to fit the following into what I imagine "flying up for a business meeting" should be like:

- Obviously will need to wear a high-powered suit, preferably with pinstripes

- Should get one of those entire-bathroom-in-a-toiletries-bag concertina things that go flip flop flop flop and suddenly you're standing in the ladies' bathroom at the airport with mirrors and makeup and hair brushes and a massage table and stuff.

- Should probably purchase spectacles in order to peer over them.

- Should practice drinking those cofffees in the tiny cups. What are they called again?


Obviously, given most of the meetings will be between myself, Rita and Stewart, this will not be fooling anybody. Still. Worth a try.