Contrary to some of my less enthusiastic posts, below, may I now join myself in a chorus of joyful thanks in celebration of the wonderful nerdy powers that be: Ladies and Gentlemen... Nick and Stew!


*the crowd goes wild!*


Anyway look I'm excited.

Here's the deal: our website is now less likely to explode and die as a result of spam overloading in the comments section. This means people such as your good self can now, once again, post comments. We apologise for the rather one-sided conversation that has been droning on from these pages over the past few weeks. To be honest, I couldn't really do it without you.


Now, when you post comments, you need to prove you're not a robot. It's easy. You just have to believe.


Also, guess what? You know how I said ladies and gentleman Nick and Stew hurrah for them fixing the website and you all went mad with the screaming and the celebrating? Well guess which Nick I'm talking about? That's right! The Nick who helped us shoot our film a billion years ago and who helped us make our website half a billion years ago and who has, in the meantime, been sailing from Europe to America on a boat having previously know nothing about sailing, or boats, or how to speak in an international Kylie Minogue style accent. Now, however, he is devastatingly good at all of these things... and he's in Australia! It is very exciting to see him in real life, and although you still possibly have no idea who he is: this is what I mean when I say heart warming things like "this company is more than just the three of us" and so forth.


Okay so stay with me. So you know that exact same film of ours that Nick worked on that I mentioned like thirty seconds ago? STAY WITH ME. You know that film? Okay so you know the 1st AD on that film? Okay so maybe you don't. You know in that film how there was a guy who made paper aeroplanes? Okay so maybe you don't know that either, but anyway trust me THAT guy, well he's also very talented. His name is Robin, and he plays in a band called the Little Stevies. He also makes brilliant films, one of which was shot by our very own Stewart Thorn and was in the recent Human Rights Arts & Film Festival in Melbourne.


Anyway okay so you know Stew and Robin?


They made this.