Okay so here are some things you might not know if you didn't work writing about things you previously didn't know about during your day job. Today's subject is "Wangaratta", a town, by the way, that requires regional legal education programs, the research into and reportage on which I am paid, irregularly but with enormous goodwill, to undertake.


The Victorian Tree Climbing Championships take place in Wangaratta this weekend. Don't miss the Friday evening gear check at the CWA hall. Volunteers welcome. Tree climbing events for children included.


Their tagline is excellent.


"Everyone welcome for an enjoyable in the park!"


There's also the Speedway (tagline: Get Your Backside Trackside) and the Wangaratta Show, which includes the Beaut Ute competition and a performance by ABBA tribute band, ABBARATION.


I've been to Wangaratta. It's a great place. The air is fresh, there's art, there's music, there's a cinema. I just had no idea it was THIS GOOD.


By the way, in terms of Standing There Productions news, Rita is still in Sydney working with interesting people on interesting films, Lorin is slowly re-learning like an accident victim how to use Final Cut Pro to cut together some Bundanon videos, and Stew is bossing us into doing something new before our public liability insurance lapses.


By the way, I know I've said it before but I mean come on! A CAT? PLAYING THE PIANO?