My grandma is in hospital today. News today that grandparents are important in a person's development. Well, as my grandmother used to discourage me from saying, er der.


Here are some things I learned my from my grandma:


1. How to write an essay (she wrote it down on a piece of A4 paper. It's never lost a customer).


2. How to hang washing on the line.


3. Banana on toast is nice with cinnamon.


4. Teachers are people too (and sometimes grandmas).


5. Nullus bastardo carborundum allegedly means don't let the bastards get you down. Whether true or not I think it's an excellent thing to learn from a grandparent.


6. How to take up the hem of one's pants (sadly, a lesson I have subsequently forgotten).


7. Being an octogenerian vegetarian is way cool.


8. Quiet people are quite often noticing things. Lots of things. A lot.


9. How to work hard and enjoy, thoroughly, cups of tea as a just reward.


10. How to make somebody feel better by giving them a nickname and make someone from Telstra who should have been here nine hours ago feel terrible simply by mentioning your disappointment and offering them a cup of tea.



I'd say those lessons are fairly important lessons. Bring on the grandparents and get well soon Jean.