While we were at Bundanon, we were called upon to describe our work to people (students, other artists, Bundanon staff who wondered what the hell the three of us were doing the whole time). After a while, we had a little three act play (I was the first act, Rita the second and Stew the third) which described us succinctly and interestingly but without making any bold claims we couldn't back up (expressions like "in development" and "workshopping" usually help here).


Now, I'm back at work. I'm a project manager. Simple as that. I'm going to Wangaratta today for work and I'm project managing until Thursday. It sounds much simpler than a three act play. It's not. It includes:

- Project management

- Catering

- Being the AV and IT girl (I know, I know, shoosh please)

- Workmate Liaison Officer

- Writer (some of my best material, I'm sure, is one day to emerge from my "day jobs". Day jobs are fascinating and sometimes - when I'm not trying to work out how to configure the laptop to the projector - I reckon I wouldn't trade a crazy job for anything).


Describing my writing, and my work with Standing There Productions, is a lot more difficult than describing my work in my day job, but on the days when I'm completely exhausted and my brain is total oatmeal, I reckon I would, in fact, trade my day job for anything. So maybe simplicity is in the eye of the jobholder. Wish me luck. So long!