I've been putting this off. I sort of thought if I didn't update this page then nobody would know I'd left Bundanon and maybe neither would I.


Sadly, I have outsmarted myself.


I have been thrown back into the thick of things and am currently in Melbourne on my lunch break from work.


Here are some observations about the country versus the city that I've made over the past month:


- Country people don't use plastic bags in shops. Some country towns have a NO PLASTIC BAG POLICY. People in the city do not. Why is this?


- People in the city are angry drivers.


- Someone in the city is always unwell and coughing on public transport and looking miserable. This reminds me of John Brack, which reminds me of Bundanon and Julia and the Nolans and Arthur and cups of tea and wombats and fresh air and outrageously coloured birds.


- Work, while useful, is not as stimulating as it might be, if, say, it were near the Shoalhaven River.


- The coffee in the city is nice. I am unconvinced this makes everything else worthwhile.


So is this guy: