They say any publicity is good publicity.


I suspect "they" are publicists.


I tend to think of it like this: any publicity is somebody else's publicity. So, unless you are actually WRITING the article about yourself, you are going to be pigeonholed in someone else's version of the story. Thus when I was interviewed for Standing There Productions' first comedy festival show, I tried to remember to say when and where the show was on and what it was called. Because any publicity is good publicity.


The next day, I was quoted in the paper saying I was thinking of handing in my citizenship documents and deserting Australia for more enlightened shores. Hilariously, as I was agonising over being completely misquoted and not in any way promoted or mentioned in the context of my show, I received a text message from one of my besties that said simply, "Bon Voyage, traitor".


So, with that in mind, it is not really that surprising that when the Bundanon artists' residency was described as part of the Triple J "Hack" programme today it sounded great and excellent and fabulous, BUT it sounded a little less like an inspiring history-steeped artistic and natural wonderland and more like a "fully tax payer funded" relaxation retreat for dole bludgers who liked wombats and dancing.


While I do like wombats and (tragically given my attempts in this field) dancing, Standing There Productions is not on a fully-tax-payer-funded artists' retreat. Nor would we want to be, actually, I don't think. From what I hear, retreats involve eggplant facials and yoga and vows of silence and "spiritual discipline" and weeping through the pain and so on, and although a face massage or a moment's silence is okay once in a while, we have work to do here.


By the way, in terms of historical and artistic legacies, check out this building (Ropes, this is for you).

This is the Education Centre on the Riversdale site up the road from us. The Boyds originally bought Riversdale and moved to Bundanon when it came up for sale, because they'd loved it once when they visited friends there.


The Riversdale site is gorgeous and great for a fully-tax-payer-funded walk in the afternoon sun. Just looking at wombats. And dancing.