Sometimes, no matter where you are, you just have a bad day. No two ways about it.


Standing There Captain of Industry Melanie Howlett told me that recently that when she moved to Paris, which she had been wanting to do forever, she was surprised to find that she still had the odd day she would much rather have spent in bed. She found herself taking these days very seriously because HOW CAN YOU HAVE A BAD DAY IN PARADISE? Does that mean there's something wrong with paradise? Does it mean there's something wrong with you?


I am currently here:


Meeting people like this guy:

And this little one:

And heading home into this:



Not only that but I am uninterrupted, hanging out with my closest friends, two of the best people in the world, with good food and drink and a collection of wombats.


But sometimes, you completely misplace your confidence or an idea just isn't working, or you sound too much the same as you did last time, or you're just bored with it, or it doesn't sound as good as it did yesterday.


In those situations, I usually think about things like this:


And talk to the others about how to fix the stupid problem or rewrite the scene or whatever, and then I have delicious pasta made by Stew, and get the giggles with Reets about how Michael Jackson and Pam Anderson are supposedly a couple (I know we're far away over here but surely that one is a joke on us?) and everything's ace and I am once again an extremely gifted but underacknowledged genius.


Good to know though, that everyone has bad days, even in Paradise.


Thanks Rita. Thanks Stewart. Thanks Bundanon.


PS. Check it out. Trees kissing! What could possibly be wrong in the world?