Tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday at 5.30pm) Standing There Productions is on Triple J!

Okay, so today was, without a doubt, the most action-packed day at Bundanon artists' residency so far. Mind you, the second-most action-packed day at Bundanon artists' residency was when I thought I was lost in the bush and shrieked in terror because of a horrifying noise that turned out to be the camera lens retracting.


We're on a fairly relaxed wicket, you see.


Today, we had more visitors and saw more people than we usually see in a week. First up, there was Polly. Polly is a friend of Barb's. Barb drives a vehicle known locally as Barb's Bundanon Buggie, which is a red golf buggie that goes like the clappers and which can be seen tearing around the farm doing, from what I can tell, good deeds. These good deeds include:

1. Cleaning your bathroom when you're not looking.


2. Tick removal supervisor. (I got a tick this morning. See? Action-packed!)


3. Enjoying the act of going fishing on weekends but not so much enjoying the eating of fish, which is one of the many reasons I like Barb and also is why my omega three levels are currently excellent.


4. Polly. This is Polly:

Polly is very sociable and almost as fond of Barb as I am. She particularly likes butting into Barb's legs, which I have made a bit of a rule not to do. Polly was rejected when she was born. She was a blue colour when Barb's Bundanon Buggie drove to the rescue and she is now, as you can see, equipped with a very nice woollen jumper and some stockings that Barb has obviously made her.


Anyway, as if that wasn't enough excitement. Then, we were to be interviewed by Tom from Hack on Triple J. We had been asked in the morning if this was suitable for us and we happily agreed. Rita and Stew suggested it would be a good idea to mention this website. I thought that was a good plan and sounded really easy. What could possibly go wrong.


It had been a while. Perhaps I should have practised interacting with other human beings. Perhaps I should have asked Rita to have a pretendy-conversation with me. I should have said, "Go on Rits, ask me anything. See what happens".

 Here is what happens when (having barely spoken to the outside world for two weeks) you are interviewed on radio at an artists' residency with which you are deeply in love.

1. You proudly, excitedly, winking at your colleagues, mention this website, which, it turns out, is not in fact, per se, a website at all. You have gushingly advertised a dead url on national radio. Good start.


2. When babbling about the creative process or something equally ridiculous (I actually used the expression "thinking outside the square" at one point) you have to pause for a moment due a large crash in the nearby bush. The interview is briefly put on hold. "I'm okay!" says a jetlagged and bleeding Rita, who has fallen while sprinting up a rock.


3. Later, while heading home and reflecting on your baffling stupidity in forgetting your own website that you've been writing on daily for three years, you decide to break into a sprint to expell the probably overblown embarrassment caused by too much human interaction.

The path of course is an uneven gravel path and your chosen footwear for this sprint is the humble moccasin. Spectacularly, over several metres, you hurl yourself at the ground, skidding quite some way on your bleeding, begraveled hands. Looking up, you see the car with the Triple J reporter and the people from Bundanon in it turning away down the driveway.


Standing There Productions. Apparently the boy one understands gravity.

 Oh well. At least not all the action is humiliating. This evening, to say goodbye to our friend Margot (who writes in the writers' cottage and tells us the mornings at Bundanon are lovely) we all got together for dinner. It was lovely (fresh fish!) and we chatted and I picked bits of the road out of my hand. We meet the new Margot (a pianist) soon.

 Also. You knew I'd do it. Here is Stew's timelapse video from last night outside our studios. There were three of them out there last night. This one's the biggest. He'd want to be. Yeesh. Check it: