Well, Standing There Prouctions is now complete at Bundanon.


We have, as Stew said when we first got here, pretty much a Standing There Productions Compound, which of course is now complete thanks to the addition of the very exhausted Standing There International Prize Winning spunkrat, Rita Walsh. Rita arrived this evening, wherein she was supplied with peppermint tea, a nice warm bed, and the entire Press Gang boxed set. As most doctors know, this is the holy trinity of jet lag cures and Rita should be up and about in no time.


It's wonderful to see her.


Stew and I looked at each other at one point and realised suddenly and with an unfamiliar embarrassment that both of us had in fact been talking full speed ahead since the moment we clapped eyes on her. Talk about overwhelming.


Meanwhile, we've been extremely busy on various different projects, including something we are working on in the video, below.


See if you can see the bit where Stew attacks me with a hammer. All in a day's work. And yes there is rather a large amount of bum crack in this video, although actually, if you look closely (and I advise you not to) I think you'll find I am actually clothed in that area, so please don't fear.