There are lessons to be learned at Bundanon, Yvonne and Arthur Boyd's farm in New South Wales. Not just lessons about art and history and nature, but life lessons.


For example.


Don't drink, and avoid contact.



This is excellent advice, particularly when both elements are practiced together. No, I have no idea what this contraption is, but I am grateful for its gentle reminder.


Also, in case of fire, it's always very useful to know where the fire extinguisher is. In this case, it is carefully labelled:


This one was in the middle of a paddock. Very good to know.


If something in life (say, a wombat) interests or annoys you, it's probably best to get a parent to pop over to the wombat's house and have a bit of a look at the situation:


Remember: chances are, if you can see me, I can see you:


That probably goes for all of you.

Yes. Even you guys.


What do you think of that?








See you guys later!


Also, just lastly, if you're a writer and you're wondering what other jobs you could do to get some money to support your habit, it might be a good idea to become a photographer for the covers of scary airport novels.


More to come. Stew's working on some crazy videos. Rita's arriving on Sunday night via LA via Melbourne via a wedding via Wangaratta. Wow. I might go and have a cup of tea.