So this is just to dispell any myths that might be generating as a result of my rather nature-based reports of late along the lines that I am doing very little else with my time than wombat-spotting. This is not true. I am also working, thinking, writing. This is the wall of my studio:

Please note the bull outside. I don't know who put that there but that's just cheeky. This wall makes a lot of sense to me and has proven extremely helpful for the writing I do in that chair (from which I witness many dramas including the hilarious daily pantomime entitled "Bird Does A Dance On Bull Who Can't Do Anything About It" which is a real David and Goliath show-stopper).

And for those of you who think my obsession with wombats is a little over the top, please direct your attention to my other studio wall, where this has been painted, presumably by a previous artist in residence:

Definitely the unofficial Bundanon mascot. I saw about twenty of these on my walk to the river today. Seriously I've never seen more of them in my life. Never get sick of them though. Hilarious little things. Better go and attempt to decipher my wall now. Goodie.