Bundanon. Tonight. It's raining. Here's our resident wombat. Things go a little awry near the end of the video because Stew (lighting designer of this particular movie) has a better idea and goes inside for better equipment. This leaves me (DOP) with no choice but to move, causing womby to scuttle off. Don't worry, he was back in a matter of seconds and we can still hear him out there now. Hopefully he's getting as much work done as we are, since it's raining like hell and we're stuck in our studios. Thanks to Stew for uploading this.

  They really are the most bizarre creatures. Here's one from our walk today (we've seen seven today). They're quite like koalas. At the end of this video, Stew captures some poor girl who's apparently embarrassed to be filmed. Possibly because she is wearing a luminous blue jumper and hasn't brushed her hair. I dunno. Point is: wombats are cool.

On with the writing. If the rain keeps up, I could be here until Tuesday.