This is our second full day at Arthur Boyd's farm, Bundanon. I don't know enough about Arthur or Yvonne (I intend to find out more) but I do know that I am a little bit in love with them both. This place is amazing. On our first night we met an enormous wombat on our balcony. We've met many kangaroos, rock wallabies, and birds aplenty. There is a sculpture by Sydney Nolan on our porch. I have two appointments the entire time I'm here. One of them is in 45 minutes and it's Artists' Drinks. The best kind!


So far today I have done more writing work than all the weeks in the entire past month combined.


Here are some photos of what an artist residency at Bundanon looks like in the first few days. I need to credit Stew of course for the photos. The average ones were taken by me. Like, for instance, this one:

This is Stew's studio about three seconds after we arrived:

Even the bedrooms are cool!

This is our apartment (Stew gets one end and I get the other). Rita gets one to herself:

Note the little desk where I can do work. It's so odd to have a loungeroom with no TV but goodness me do you get some work done.

That's all for now, there are drinks to be had.