Before I write about Bundanon, where we have finally arrived and in which I am already completely in love, let me fill you in on stops 2, 3 and 4.

Our second stop after Mansfield (of Subway fame) was Bright. We drove there via Jamieson, which has a population of 88 humans and maybe a billion birds. It's completely gorgeous. Here's a sample:

As you can see, the locals kept to themselves a bit.

Then we went to the snow. How awesome is nature? It did this all by itself!

Then of course, coming up against nature all the time is humankind. I have a friend who discovered when he came to Australia for the first time that Australians don't like littering.

They don't like it, but they do it anyway, using what they seem to think is a littering loophole: it's not litter if you stand it up.

Slot a chip packet between two boards in a fence: not litter. Stand a beer bottle up on a pub window: not litter. Apparently, the same rule goes for the snow.

Good way of keeping your beer cold I guess.

Mind you, we enjoyed our own beverages on our food and wine tour, OH YES WE DID! Check it:

So much more sophisticated. We were driven to this place in a stretched limo and we tasted cheese, olives, wines and at one point Stewart went missing and was discovered behind a sign that said FUDGE TASTING.

This leg of our trip was a present. It was the most lovely present in the world. Well, that and the new set of tyres we got just before we left (thanks dad!) which have been tested many times along the way, and will be again I'm sure, due to the fact that the driveway to Bundanon is longer and more filled with holes than a long thing filled with holes.

More when the photos have downloaded. We're off for a quick walk with the wombats. Seriously.