For reasons to do with technology and small country towns, I cannot upload photographs, nor can I spend long writing this. I write from Narooma, two hours away from our destination at Arthur Boyd's place. Both Stewart and I have now suffered through a vile illness that should have cleared by the time we're supposed to start work (ain't it always the way?) and we have so far experienced snow (Hotham), a winery tour in glistening sunshine (Bright), and Stew's grandmother's cooking (more? are you serious? I might die!). It has all been excellent, although a feature of it has been vile coughing and repeated nose blowing. Stew currently sounds like the wimmawe guy in The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Sometimes I get him to do it and dissolve into giggles.

Tomorrow we arrive at the residency! Huzzah!

I will upload photos when I can. There is no TV so I won't be watching the olympics anymore and will therefore have several hours per day in which I can do other things.

 Meanwhile, Rita has left New York and is currently in LA. Slightly different pace, but there you go. Hugo, her short film that won the Grand Prize for fantasy at the Rhode Island Film Festival, has won an AWGIE for the script written by Rachel Bowen. All extremely exciting and they should all be sent to the congratulatorium. Where, hopefully, nobody coughs.