Today, I walked to gym. On my way there, I saw three garbage trucks pulled up next to a small park near my house. Bumper-to-bumper garbage trucks. Huge, full of garbage, empty of men. They dwarfed the other cars in the street, took up half the road, and thoroughly stank.

I wondered why three garbage trucks were hunched together like that in the middle of a suburban street. Last night was bin night in North Fitzroy, but I didn't see any council offices...

Then I saw six garbage men, still dressed in their fluorescent orange vests, sprinting around the park after tennis balls that were being thwacked with considerable oomph by garbage man number one, who had in his grip what was serving as a cricket bat.

I wondered if it was sanctioned by the council. It looked like fun. I didn't think it was sanctioned by the council.

On my way home, the trucks had left and the sun was setting over the empty park. It was beautiful, but it felt sad with the garbage guys gone. I hope I'm not working next Thursday so I can go up and ask them for a photo.