So I've finished the Hemon book, Nowhere Man. It was beautiful but I got lost near the end.

I think maybe I need to read in a vacuum. In a room with no sound, ample light, blinkers on the side of my head and nothing else whatsoever to read.

I'm testing that theory by reading my next book, Tourism (see Writers' Festival post) in the bath.

Yes, I know, extremely exciting weekend. It's been top notch.

It's a weekend measured by what I didn't do:

1. Unpack from previous weekend in Sydney (partly lazy, partly nostalgic)
2. Go to gym (again, nostalgic reasons - why break such a familiar pattern?)
3. Go to the St Kilda Short Film Festival
4. Go to the theatre
5. Do any of the things on the Rita "To Do List" (Sorry Rits)
6. Go to fun-sounding party with fun people in fun street not far from own house
7. Resist temptation to watch dreadful, schmaltzy Dianne Keaton movie with housemates.

Good on me.

Here's looking forward to another productive week...