People have been asking me what I'm planning to do after the Comedy Festival. See what they're doing there? Assuming I've planned to do something after the Comedy Festival.

So, to help me answer that question, Melanie Howlett, Standing There Captain of Industry, has completely surpassed herself.

For my birthday this year, which for those of you playing at home, is on AUGUST ELEVENTH (I'm sure there's a program you can dowload onto your computer that goes out on August tenth and buys me a birthday present)... Mel has organised a Mystery Weekend.

A mystery weekend. Can you imagine how much that's been freaking me out?

Anyway. Turns out... no need.

Guess who's going to the Sydney Writer's Festival just after Law Week?

Mel, I've said it before, you're an alright kind of kid, on balance. And best male in a supporting role here goes to Prash for designing an itinerary the Race Around the World kids would be proud of.

So, now that I've boasted, check out the Sydney Writer's Festival here. If anyone has any recommendations or impressively intelligent/impertinent questions I should ask foreign literary figureheads, do email me and let me know. Anyway, I have to go. I have a lot of reading to do.