So we're preparing to make our DVD now. Six years ago, I didn't have a DVD player. Now I'm finally getting with the times and guess what? DVDs are yesterday's news.

Yes, apparently in three years we'll all be downloading movies that are cheaper, better quality, and legal, and watching them on our trusty old TVs. I'm trying to imagine how somehow this will benefit the creative teams that make the movies in the first place.

Hopefully it will be really democratic and grassroots and will open the market right up and enable people with no connections and lots of skill to make movies about things people genuinely care about.

Just kidding. As if that's going to happen.

In legal contracts relating to the broadcasting and distribution of television or film projects, there's this section that covers "future technologies". How cheeky is that? It's saying "we have the first right of refusal to broadcast this film in whatever form we like even those that aren't even invented yet".

Imagine if you could do that in real life. Assert rights in relation to situations that didn't yet exist. It would certainly make breaking up eaier.

In other news, I missed the dreadfully unexciting Oscars last night because I was at a gig in St Kilda. Penny Tangey was doing an excerpt from her show, Kathy Smith Goes to Maths Camp. She's really good. Did I mention that?

Looking forward to the festival, although I usually get sick right in the middle of it. I'm sick at the moment, actually. I went for a swim with Mel Howlett (Standing There Captain of Industry) and we were running late to the movies so I didn't get changed. Not a very good idea to go to the movies in your bathers, just quietly. My throat hurts.

So, in conclusion, instead of taking out an option relating to future technologies, I am hereby taking out an option in relation to the prevention of future stupid decisions. That way, I won't stay up late, go to the movies with bathers on, or hang out in smoky bars all month during the comedy festival. Because I've made a deal with myself that includes future unforseen possible behavioural mishaps.

Excellent. Nothing could possibly go wrong.