Our credits are currently in danger of going for longer than our film. I don't think I know anyone who hasn't helped us in some way. Except of course for some of the friends I used to have (back before preproduction), who may be under the impression that I have died. People have literally become engaged and married and quite possibly pregnant and then not pregnant any more since I last saw them. But the thing about having wonderful people helping you out for free is that you really want to do a good job and make their work look excellent. The film is looking really exciting now - there are some finishing touches we're putting in as we speak, but everyone's hard work is about to pay off.

Spent the other day with Fez, the sound magician, who is so great to watch. It's funny - at every stage of this production, I've had a new favourite bit. Today my favourite bit is the outside shot at the dinner party scene. The picture was always so striking, but with Fez's sound design behind it, I must confess to having watched it a couple of dozen times more than is strictly necessary. Spent Wednesday night talking to Wayne, quite possibly the most helpful person on earth, who offered a few creative solutions which made me realise we're nearly there. Not quite there. But nearly there.

- Lorin