The Dinner Party is about a young film student asking her friends to be in her documentary. Having invited them over to a dinner cooked by her dutiful boyfriend, Charmaine finds it extremely difficult to get everybody on side. As the glasses are refilled and a few buried stories resurface, Charmaine's boyfriend learns more about Charmaine than he was prepared to discover, and old loyalties slip and slide late into the evening.

The original cast of The Dinner Party was:

  • Charmaine - Ruby Nolan
  • Scotty - Michael Williams
  • Ari - Juanita Pope
  • Meg - Claire Wearne
  • Susan - Emily Weekes
  • Steph - Sarah Chan
  • Lecturer/gynocologist/toilet wall - Michael Roper
  • School girl/photographer/toilet wall - Alexandra Collier
  • School girl/hair stylist/toilet wall - Victoria Farmer
  • School boy/gaffer/toilet wall - Xan Colman

The show was written by Lorin Clarke, directed by Lorin Clarke and Kalinda Ashton, produced by Michael Williams and production managed by Jennifer Sholl. Paul Lim was stage manager, Bron Pringle was lighting designer, Jessica Little was publicist, and Melanie Howlett was ASM.