Well, this is exciting. Rita Walsh, who is currently in Berlin for the screening of B I N O at the Berlinale, has battled through exhaustion and the flu in order to attend the festival alongside one or two other people you may have heard of and the results are in.


B I N O has been awarded the Special Prize for the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk for the Best Short Film from the Generation Kplus International Jury. 


It was also awarded a Special Mention from the Generation KPlus Children's Jury.


To be recognised by one jury is outstanding. To get a special mention from another seems outrageously talented of everyone involved.


You can read about it all here.


It should be said that B I N O is not a Standing There Productions film. We're just basking in the glory of having one of our key players on the ground. And we are purring with pride. The hard work of the B I N O cast and crew has been justly rewarded and we take our hats off to them all. Rita: you are an internationally-recognised champ. About time.