So Melbourne has decided to pretend it isn't the end of winter and the start of spring but rather the end of spring and the start of a rollicking summer with ice creams and top twenty hits being blasted from Mazdas at back beaches across the nation. It's doing an excellent job. If I didn't know better I'd pop down to the beach with me togs and have a bit of a splash about in the shallows. 


Instead, I will spend two hours on Wednesday inside a radio studio gleefully but sunlessly co-presenting (as I now regularly do) Aural Text with the disgustingly delightful Alicia Sometimes on 3RRR


This week, the Melbourne Writers' Festival hits town. Check it out. I know I'll be reading during every available second between now and the end of time to catch up with all the people who are writing interesting things and talking about them in dark rooms. 


Also, one of my favourite comedians is coming to Melbourne in the next couple of weeks. Louis CK. If you havent' seen him, here's an example of his work. That should get your Monday off to a good start.