Another year is well and truly underway at Standing There Productions. It's going to be a big one!

Lorin has recently returned to the Diary so check in to see what she has been up to (lots). Her article about Australian theatre is currently in Meanjin and she is now the regular TV columnist for The Big Issue. She is also working at the comedy festival with Colin Lane.

The Little Stevies, our favourite band whose Sunshower video was directed by Robin Geradts-Gill and shot by Stewart Thorn, have just toured America. Watch the videos for some amazing footage of their adventures.

Rita has moved back to Melbourne and is gradually getting used to the weather. She has been selected to participate in Screen Australia's Script Factory program in March and is also continuing to work long distance for Jan Chapman for her new development company Waking Dream Productions. Most importantly, she is being reintroduced to the finest Melbourne coffee bars by Lorin and Stewart.

Some of you may remember Chris Buchanan (the press secretary from our 2008 comedy festival show Greatness Thrust Upon Them). Chris is currently starring in a teensy little independent production called Mama Mia at Her Majesty's theatre in Melbourne. He is a cracker and we can't wait to see the show.

Standing There Productions original founder Tim Stitz has also been gracing the stage telling his own family's story in Lloyd Beckman, Beekeeper, which was a delicate, funny, nuanced production and which you should look out for, because it's sure to get another run.