Hello everybody and welcome to the most fun month of the year. January in Melbourne is extra grouse because of the following mathematical equations:

1. Weather + park = frisbee
2. Daylight savings + best friends in world coming home for Christmas = more daylight hours for hilarity
3. New year + weather = fitness regime
4. Feeling of pride at fitness regime + weather = justification of consumption of icecream or (”it’s good for you”) gelati
5. Complete lack of desire to go inside and do work + all the above + new movie releases = fun times

Using the above equations, please provide a clear solution to the following problems:

1. Deadlines (x 3)
Best month of year - hours spent wishing the state library was a surf beach = ?

2. Deadlines + The Guilt + The Fear (to the power of twelve) minus Being A Bad Friend = ?

3. Missing out on seeing best friends in world who are only in Melbourne for three weeks (x 3) - amount work done = ?

4. Amount of time spent on fitness regime - amount of work not done in those hours = justification of lack of fitness. True/False.

5. Occasional reward of new release movie + (”it’s healthy”) gelati - fitness regime = white, stressed, fatty + The Guilt. True/False.

You do the maths.